AngularJS and jQueryUI DatePicker

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This is part three of my look into AngularJS.

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Instead of using HTML5 date input type which is not supported by Internet Explorer and Firefox, I decided to use the AngularJS version of jQueryUI DatePicker called angular-ui-date.1, 2


Adding angular-ui-date

To begin, edit bower.json and add the following line:

Then run bower install to install angular-ui-date.

Next edit js/app.js to include the following before ngRoute:

In the index.html add the following inside the <head> section:

While still editing the index.html add the following to the script section: jQuery before angular.js. Otherwise, it would use a lite version of jQuery called jQLite.3


Using angular-ui-date

Inside the HTML template:

In the controller.js:

The options for angular-ui-date are the same as jQueryUI DatePicker. For further information see jQueryUI Datepicker for AngularJS.


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