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Web technologies stack

by rhfung
server side scriptingAsynchronous serverweb frameworkuse casescode in web browserdatabaseclient side scripting
PythonrpyTwistedDjangoserver, numerical, scripts,middle
JavaScriptnode.jsConnect/Expressclient, server, FlashMVC: backbone,DOM: jQuery,helper: underscoreMongoDBBrowser JavaScript
RubyerbEventMachineRailsserver, middlesqlite3, Postgres
NETaspxWindows server, middleSilverlightMS SQL Server
Java jspPlay 2.0server, client, middleJava applets

Alchemy Web Sockets

by rhfung

On Wednesday May 30th, I attended the Bay Area Association of Database Developers public seminar. The seminar is organized with: social mingling, talk, and another social mingling. As with most public READ MORE