IIS 6: Add a Certificate to a Website

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If you have not already done so, add your website certificate by importing it into Windows Server 2003 by read the following post: Windows Server 2003: Import a Certificate into MMC.

To add your certificate to a website through Internet Information Services (IIS), follow the procedures below.

  1. Open IIS Manager, expand Web Sites, and select your website e.g. www.example.com
  2. Right-click on the website name, e.g. www.example.com, and select Properties

  3. The website Properties dialog shows
  4. Select the Directory Secruity tab. Then click on Server Certificate…

  5. Click Next

  6. Click Replace the current certificate. Click Next

  7. Select the certificate in the list and click Next, then Finish

Now you have a SSL certificate associated with a website, which you can repeat the same steps for another website. Next is to enable HTTPS for the website. If you have a wildcard certificate, this can be a bit tricky.