Windows Server 2003: Adding the Certificate Snap-in

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To add the Certificate Snap-in to Microsoft Management Console (MMC) in Windows Server 2003 follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Start -> Run… and enter mmc 
  2. Click on File -> Add/Remove Snap-in…

  3. Click on Add…

  4. In the list select Certificates and then click on Add

  5. Select Computer account then click Next

  6. Make sure Local computer is selected and then click Finish

  7. Click on OK

There you have it, the Certificate Snap-in will be shown. Once you are done using READ MORE

Create a PFX File

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To create a .pfx file for use in Windows IIS to enable https or for other uses then you need the following files:

  • a private key file
  • an intermediate certificate from the certificate provider (.crt or .cert) e.g. GoDaddy’s intermediate certificate: gd_bundle-g1-g1.crt
  • a certificate also from the certificate provider (.crt or .cert) e.g. c4dcc9f3a0d782d5.crt

You will need to start either Windows Command Prompt (cmd) as an Administrator or terminal READ MORE